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Science Teacher's Helper 2.0

Save time when editing math, chemistry and physics in docs with this add-on
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If you are a science related person and, naturally, you work with computers and text processors, you perfectly know how hard it can be to write and edit formulas, math expressions, chemistry, and so on. If that’s the case, you definitely will be interesting in Science Teacher’s Helper. This great tool is designed to run on Microsoft Word as an add-on in such a way that all you are going to see is a new menu with some new tool bars on the Word regular interface. It includes about 1200 functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math that you can easily add into your Microsoft Word documents.
What is great about Science Teacher’s Helper is that it keeps things simple even when it can offer the users a wide range of options in creating professional graphics. With this tool users will be able to save hours of Internet browsing searching for graphics to use, further more, not always those Internet graphics fits perfectly to the case in study. Science Teacher’s Helper has been thoroughly tested to be 100% compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word.
In addition to the items mentioned so far, you can easily add in frequently used symbols and phonetic symbols into your documents created with Microsoft Word. You can even use Science Teacher’s Helper to adjust pictures or text.
Besides the fact the program name suggests that it’s intended to be used by teachers, students and researcher can greatly benefit by using this fundamental tool. This program will allow the users to make a professional and functional document with ease of point and click usage.
Before installing Science Teacher's Helper, your computer must have been installed any version of Microsoft Word. It’s advisable to use a screen resolution of 800 X 600 or higher.
You can try this software for as long as it takes to you use it 60 times. That is to say, there’s no a time limitation but a usage limitation which is great if you think about it because it assures a minimum time of usage to get to know the application.

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  • It runs on any version of Microsoft Word
  • 60-times trial version
  • Affordable price


  • It only runs on Microsoft Words
  • It's only available in English, even if the MS Word on which it runs is in another language
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